Smarter Change Management: on demand where and when you need it…

Smarter Change Management: on demand where and when you need it…

Cutting edge technologies such as machine learning, robotics and artificial intelligence are becoming mainstream, enabled by cloud computing, the internet of things and big data.  They bring new people and organisational issues which should not be under-estimated.   These include, how companies and teams are structured, the work people do (as opposed to what machines will do) and the new skills and competencies required for their survival.

These are typical organisational change management (OCM) challenges.  However over the past 10 years, OCM activities have become commoditised, reducing change management to a series of boilerplate deliverables no longer fit for purpose and detached from business outcomes. It is time to update OCM and proactively tackle the thorny issues that can limit the effectiveness of new technologies.

So how does OCM need to change?

At OrganisationsWork, we believe OCM is about being flexible and innovative when addressing the people and organisational issues faced by companies deploying the latest technology.   We listen to the people of the organisation, focusing on enabling them to recognise the need for change and guiding them through the critical activities towards adoption of new ways of working.

How do we do this?

OrganisationsWork provide flexible change management expertise how, when and where you need it, bringing you access to over 40 years experience of supporting change programmes across a range of industries.  We focus on critical activities and provide on-going support across the lifecycle of your change initiative or range of initiatives.

OrganisationsWork addresses the people, organisational and culture issues:  at the same time building your internal change management capability.  We get to know your business. We focus our effort and your investment on the areas of highest risk and return. We craft our core services to your change challenge.

Core services include:

Discovery Workshops:  drawing on design thinking, these collaborative workshops work with project teams to increase business insight into the management of change and build a change approach that fits your company culture and business outcome.

Change coaching and mentoring:  often teams and individuals have been through many change initiatives but not had to take a leadership role.  We scale our involvement to your timeframes and degree of confidence for change.

Internal Change Management Capability Development: change is the new constant.  We will help you to develop your own capability to manage on going cycles of change, embedding this within your organisational culture.

Change Governance Reviews of current change plans and/or deliverables ensuring they are fit for purpose and will deliver the expected business outcomes.

Ad hoc expert advice: provided on particular change challenges.

What we will not do..

  • Recommend standard change approaches which are not tailored for you
  • Bring in junior consultants with little business experience
  • Be “bums on seats”, pushing out boilerplate deliverables
  • Disappear before the end of a project, unless our job is already done!

Want to know more?

Please contact:

Gillian Hughes  ( +44 7785 331738
Alison Davies ( +44 7920 427947

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