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In Project

Business change management is a critical element for the success of any project.  People-focused activities need to be integrated into the project plan.

Contributing to the successful outcome of your project is a primary aim of OrganisationsWork.  We focus on the key activities during the project lifecycle, scaling our involvement to your timeframes and to your degree of confidence for change.  We will frame the approach to tap into your core strengths and address your specific challenges.  Our consultant’s role might be full-time while your change team is being established and will reduce as the team’s competence and confidence grows.  Our pricing structure reflects this fluctuation in activity and means that we will provide value at the critical points during your project.

Or On Demand

Change scenarios come in many forms and increasingly can be delivered through more open-ended initiatives.  This demands a culture of systemic change.  Current trends such as cloud technologies introduce regular quarterly updates that need businesses to embed a continuous cycle of change into their operations.  This requires a change management approach aligned to organisational outcomes rather than project milestones that is delivered both through supporting and coaching change leaders and providing expertise for specific challenges.

Whatever challenge you are currently facing, OrganisationsWork will stay with you as long as you need guidance, helping your organisation adapt to the new ways of working and the formation of a change-receptive culture.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]