OrganisationsWork plans change management approaches that suit your company and the scope of the change.  If your priority is focusing on a specific area such as Cloud technology or Executive Coaching for your change leaders, please click here.

To support your traditional change programme, we provide a full toolkit.

Our fast track Diagnostic provides a clear picture of the challenges and potential pitfalls of implementing change into your organisation.  This enables us to advise your programme sponsor and leadership team of the most appropriate change management interventions for your organisation and to develop a Change Roadmap aligned with the programme plan.

One of the key factors in the success of any change programme is the management of business Stakeholders – at all levels of the organisation – and we will work with HR and business leaders to identify the most effective stakeholder management approach.  There will be an initial process of identifying the various levels of stakeholders and their influence in regard to the current change programme.  Stakeholders will be grouped according to agreed criteria.

We believe that a Change Network will be a cornerstone of the change initiative and will drive the internal management of the change process.  This network will act as the communications conduit for programme awareness and engagement as well as coordination for change impact assessments, go-live support and formation of user groups.  We will advise on the most effective options of setting up and managing the network, particularly on a global basis.

The Change Strategy and supporting plan define the approach to deliver to the Change Roadmap and is agreed by all key stakeholders of the programme.  Typically, the strategy is a guide to what the change approach will consist of, how and when the change interventions will be delivered, and by whom.  We will provide a guide to your change approach, based on the initial diagnostic results, and will work with you on identifying the ‘how’, ‘when’ and ‘who’ factors.

An essential part of every change strategy is the Communications Plan for the entire programme.  The programme communications must be timely, relevant and using the most appropriate media for the message, and may be the determining factor in winning over the user population to the new technology or changes in ways of working.  We will guide your stakeholder network in crafting the messages given to the business, and advise on the timing of key communication events to gain optimum engagement from all stakeholders.

Once the programme design phase has been completed, the impact of the changes will need to be assessed for every stakeholder group, to give leaders a clear picture of the magnitude of change and the intervention options to be considered.  With our help, the Change Impact Assessments will be managed using a structured and inclusive approach.  Relevant stakeholders will be the key contributors to the assessments and will be expected to participate in assessment workshops and briefings.

Every change programme needs a Business Readiness Plan to prepare the organisation for the transition from the old system to the new or to a new way of doing things.  The plan is typically a joint responsibility of the programme management and change management teams in order to ensure that all considerations are covered in the approach to go-live.  We will use our experience from a multitude of go-lives in a range of industries and countries to determine the most appropriate template for this key activity.  Again, working with key stakeholders is essential for understanding the detail required to follow the roadmap to a clear, planned outcome.

The system go live will be the start of a new way of working and there will be a period of intense support, primarily addressing technical issues.  We will provide Post Go Live Support to your Stakeholder Network on non-technical issues that arise in this period and coach your key users on their continuing role in change management.  In addition, we will conduct an independent post go-live diagnostic of the impacted areas of the organisation and review the results with senior stakeholders to determine the need for ongoing input from OrganisationsWork.