• This is a snakes and ladders slide graphic

  • List No 1
  • List No 2
  • List No 3
  • This is a one half column or two fourth which is the same thing I think we’ll see I am going to carry on writing to see what happens to this script and check that all is lining up.

    I’m not entirely sure what this offers the look of the page but if I carry on writing I assume it runs across the whole page.  

    This is another half column – I have put it has a last column – so we will see what effect this has on the look of the page.

    This is a column that is one fifth so therefore I assume narrow – I am not sure of effect so will publish
    THis is two fifth so I assume it will sit right next to the first one.
    another one fifth

    what's this about 4content block

    This is content block 1

    this is No two heading 4

    thisis just a title heading

    ..and more bumpf to see how it sits on the page

    Last block no4

    well tisis the last one