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[hoot_one_half last=”yes”]This is a one half column or two fourth which is the same thing I think we’ll see I am going to carry on writing to see what happens to this script and check that all is lining up.[/hoot_one_half]cropped-Small-logo-no-name-1.png

[hoot_dropcap]I’m not entirely sure what this offers the look of the page but if I carry on writing I assume it runs across the whole page.[/hoot_dropcap]  [hoot_one_half last=”yes”]This is another half column – I have put it has a last column – so we will see what effect this has on the look of the page.[/hoot_one_half]

[hoot_one_fifth]This is a column that is one fifth so therefore I assume narrow – I am not sure of effect so will publish[/hoot_one_fifth] [hoot_two_fifth]THis is two fifth so I assume it will sit right next to the first one.[/hoot_two_fifth] [hoot_one_fifth]another one fifth[/hoot_one_fifth] [hoot_content_block_row style=”style1″ columns=”3″ icon=”circle”] [hoot_content_block][/hoot_content_block] [/hoot_content_block_row][hoot_content_block_row style=”style1″ columns=”4″ icon=”circle”] [hoot_content_block icon=”fa-clock-o” image=”http://orgswork.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/Slider-3.png” title=”what’s this about 4content block”]This is content block 1[/hoot_content_block] [hoot_content_block icon=”fa-car” image=”http://orgswork.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/Reduced-slider-1.jpg” title=”No 2 Content Block“]this is No two heading 4[/hoot_content_block] [hoot_content_block title=”thisis just a title heading”]..and more bumpf to see how it sits on the page[/hoot_content_block] [hoot_content_block title=”Last block no4″]well tisis the last one[/hoot_content_block] [/hoot_content_block_row][hoot_icon icon=”fa-birthday-cake” color=”#1e73be” size=”20″]

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